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Point Of Sale (POS) Systems - Multiple Store and Central Management Systems


Pos (POS) Systems - Multiple Store and Central Management Systems

Pos (POS) systems choice for restaurant, retail, salon, entertainment, as well as for hotel/resort properties with multiple store locations or application types can be a difficult task when assigned all of the apparent possibilities open. I emphasize the word "apparent", because actually the alternatives are extremely few.

Regardless if opening one business location, if your intent would be to expand and grow with other stores opened from the same town, different states, or on multiple continents, the best point of sale selection decision is essential now. Consider a new business because you would an evergrowing child. When you buy the child a fresh footwear for women, ensure have a pair in the exact size, but will want the crooks to have some room to grow in so you are certainly not back at the store searching for new shoes some other week until these are a grownup.

Selecting the right pos (POS) system now, will insure you do have a system which won't must soon changed, it may help you to definitely grow by giving the info information needed for short and long-term planning, and insures you do not may need to look for alternatives as you expand your company.

Because it relates to multiple locations, or mixed use for retail pos and restaurant point of sale integrated into one management system, by looking into making the proper POS selection now, you will be saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars later. But few pos systems include one software program for multiple business location and type application capabilities.

Locate a system which was created for Cruiseship and Hotel/Resort applications. As a result of unique Pos application needs, including central management and administration of multiple store types like restaurants, retail gift shops, and services like boat rental or Salon/Spa from the same property, the machine inherently functions in all of these applications which has a anchorman of administration files sharing within one software package.

Why's single POS Software with all the power to operate and administrate multiple type of business important? Because, without this capability you will have to use separate software programs, administrated separately, and without seamless integration of users, inventory, some time to payroll, reporting, etc. Instead of true central management capability, you'll find yourself managing and making alterations in multiple programs for every business location. Again, most Pos options will require you to definitely specify if you'd like center version, Retail version, or even the Salon version, etc. should they have options and that's what you get.

What's "True multi site central management"? Most point of sale companies will say you can handle your multiple store locations in one central office or store. But be sure, nearly all these are not supplying a true multi site central management capability, with a shared central database attached to each store through a real-time secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Net connection. Instead, they feature standard remote desktop or file management capabilities which might be just the thing for doing troubleshooting of an system problem, however, not like a central management system. Ensure the system has a True multi site central management capability known as (HOM) or Hq Module.

So enough regarding the "Why", we should get on the how! Eliminating point of sale system options that will not meet your existing or future operational needs can be a relatively simple task when you are aware the essential indicators to guage a system by. We now have already touched on a few of them, here is an entire list of questions you are able to ask to be able to weed out the fray:

1. The "database" platform and style must be one that's secure, robust, and reliable.

a. Which kind of database will the system use? If your answer is anything other than a SQL or MSQL database, run and do not walk to the nearest exit or plan on staying awake in the evening with nightmares regarding pos failures throughout a Friday night rush.

b. Will the system employ a single database, or multiple databases? The machine should have one central database. Some exceptions may apply.

2. The methodology behind the "central management" capability. Remember, you have to know if the system truly has remote management capabilities, or if perhaps the owner is simply offering remote desktop or file access. There's a massive difference.

a. Am i allowed to manage and administrate my store or multiple store locations in one or higher offsite locations? Most will state yes, yet it's kind of like asking someone if your truck you wish to buy posseses an automatic transmission. The solution might be yes, however that does not always mean it really works well backwards.

b. How's the remote management done? Would it be using a remote desktop tool accessing the store computer, or should i use my Back-office administration program on my offsite computer with integration to some central database? At this point, you've got totally impressed the seller using your technical Savvy, and they also might not be capable to answer your question. Wait to find the answer prior to you buying this or some other system simply because this real the lance with the heart of any low budget Point Of Sale system will not grow using your business.

3. One primary software program for any sort of, or combination of business applications including Restaurant, Retail, Salon/Spa, Rental, Hotel/Resort, Entertainment, etc. Be very direct and specific in describing your expectations.

a. I'd like one software program set up on a pc that may provide point of sale function and administration for restaurant, retail, salon/spa, hotel, etc. Have you got this kind of single program capability? This is exactly what separates the large dogs from the miniature poodles. In case you will have or believe you will have future need to operate and manage multiple types of businesses from one location, very few can meet this requirement.

Ok, so you can't locate yourself like a business that has to have all of the sophisticated Pos capabilities. You say "I am only a small business person attempting to chance a sandwich shop, and I only consider selling sandwiches, why worry about most of this"? First, take into account that previously a small sandwich shop operator had a sub shop called Subway, another called McDonald's, yet others started as being a small enterprise like everyone else with one business like selling fresh made flavored coffee and in the end discovered that they offered numerous retail products as meals of their stores.

The strengths and capabilities of the pos system are just as relevant in a smaller single store and make use of application as with a big multi store, or use franchise or enterprise. If your system demonstrates the opportunity to operate and manage well during these larger multi store or mixed kind of business applications, it is going to certainly perform and help you better in a small single store operation.

Significantly improved you might be better informed and have the basic knowledge needed to select a great Point Of Sale system rather than another POS, start spinning the heads coming from all those point of sale vendors banging on the door, and know how to look for a system for today and future small business.